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   The premier ultrasonic marine hull anti-fouling system has come to the U.S.A. Harteel bvba of Belgium has signed an agreement with American Ultrasonics of New Bedford, MA to sell its HARSONIC ultrasonic anti-fouling system through the U.S.A. and Canada.

  This system comes with impressive credentials. More than 4,000 units have already been sold in Europe. The entire Dutch tug boat fleet uses the HARSONIC system to keep its hulls clean and barnacle free.

   The system is attached to the inner hull surface of the vessel and emits ultrasonic pulses of varying frequencies throughout the hull. These pulses prevent the growth of micro-biological organisms, or “biofilm”, on the hull. This, in turn, prevents the growth of grasses, barnacles and other organisms which are the bane of all vessels kept in the water. The system uses only 6 amps and will not harm the hull structure, coatings or any marine life, including whales and dolphins.

   Biofilm grows rapidly in any water environment, fresh or salt water, at temperatures as low as 4 degrees C (39.2 F). Immediately after a boat is launched, biofilm will grow as long as the boat is stationary. Within 30 days, there is enough biofilm grown on an average-size sailboat’s bottom to affect its hull speed, reducing max hull speed by 0.5 kts. Imagine the affect of biofilm on larger, faster boats. Next, consider that the biofilm serves as the buffer to the antifouling properties of bottom paints, allowing the growth of other "bottom-dwellers" such as grasses and barnacles, and what affect this can have on a boat's performance.

   On sailing craft, it is critical to maintain a clean bottom, especially for racing performance. For powerboats, the affects are more than only reducing speed, the reduce fuel efficiency is also noticeable and measurable. Fuel mileage with a clean bottom is improved by 10-30% with the installation and use of HARSONIC antifouling systems.

   American Ultrasonics is the dealer for Harsonics in the United States and Canada.

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